Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It just seems like more and more supplement companies are bashing on each other now days. I for one think that there's plenty of room for everyone to be successful, if you are going to beat someone, do it with your marketing, with your reps, and with you products!!!

No need to start up shit on forum boards and hide behind the keyboards like little pussies!! This most recent posting on in particular has me boiling:

You know who I'm talking about.... Its amazing the kind shit some of these people will do. DAN, what do you suggest companies do? Take illegal compounds and sell them until the FDA's catches up to us? Where's the research in that....? Or in the fact that "certain" pre-workout formulas are 95% caffeine, 2% arginine.... Take any one of our products, have it tested... it is guaranteed, and we have studies on all of our ingredients. Don't be mad because your entire company lacks the mental capacity to develop any new products, we are just smarter than you, so your only way to keep up is to bash us on forum boards. PUSSY.. Don't start shit and there won't be no shit!! oooooopsssss..... too late! Articles

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